Insulation of reservoirs, In Miftah Al Khairat company we offer you the best cleaning services for tanks and detect any problems you face.

especially the problem of water leaks from the reservoir, where this is considered a very serious problem and the cause of many diseases are a major cause of infection and contamination.

Where we provide our services in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where most of the houses in the city rely on the reservoirs to save the largest amount of water.

and use in daily life, so be sure about the safety of this water and address any traces of pollution in them.

It is always recommended to check the tanks in the houses to make sure there are no impurities in the water that is stored and used later for the owners of the house.

and be sure that there is no form of water leaks such as cracks in the floor of the tank because these cracks cause many Problems for homeowners and cause serious diseases.

Insulation of reservoirs

Best Insulation Company of reservoirs

There is no person or home that does not use water daily for life, and because water is one of the most important sources of life, it must be assured of safety before use.

whether in the cleaning or food and drink. Despite the diversity of the forms of reservoirs, however, each period must be checked on the safety of these reservoirs and contain no source of pollution sources and diseases.

such as the presence of cracks in the walls, or note the presence of impurities in the water that is stored inside. Also, one of the main reasons for the problem of water leakage is not to carry out the process of insulation of reservoirs as required.

Where there is more than one way to isolate the reservoirs of the most important thermal insulation or waterproofing and all these methods require long experience in the field to ensure that no problems in the future for home owners.

The method of isolating reservoirs varies depending on the type and size of the tank. Exposure to climate change also causes many problems such as exposure to sunlight and winter.

Insulation of reservoirs

In this section, we will present you with the most important tips that can help you know about water leakage problems in your tanks. Which if found should immediately be resolved to get water free of disease.

1- When the water level in the tank is low after a short period of time, this signal is a strong indication of the exposure of water reservoirs to the problem of infusion, which must be quickly resolved.

2- When you notice a change in the taste of water we use in food and drink. Where we notice that water has a different shape.

3- The presence of some impurities in the tank, where we must empty the contents of the reservoir of water completely and we use cleaning tools and sterilization compounds that should not contain chemicals. You should rely on completely natural cleaning tools.

4- You can check the tank and make sure that there are no gaps or cracks in the floor of the tank or walls, in the event of this problem should contact our company immediately to solve the problem in the best way and the cheapest prices.

Insulation of reservoirs

Company Insulation of reservoirs

At Miftah Al Khairat Company, we send a team that specializes in repairing the tanks to your home, where our employees empty the contents of the tank from the water and then use high quality cleaning tools.

Then we fill the reservoir with water and wait and then we notice a difference in the water level. It is known that the level of water decreases by 1 cm or 2 cm at the most in case of a drop in water more than this percentage keep the problem, and we use other methods to treat water leakage.

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